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We produce award-winning, entertaining programming for Fortune 500 companies and ad agencies. Our crew has the skill and experience needed to help you effectively communicate your message. Tradeshow videos, point-of-purchase, training, sales and marketing, HR, team building and all types of internal and external corporate communications are our speciality.

Big Little Films has produced programming for these world class clients...

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Below you can view samples from recent productions.

The accompanying QuickTime movies are large and are only recommended for high bandwidth access. QuickTime 6.0 or newer is required. If you do not have it installed, then you can download it at the Apple website here.

Big Little Films Overview
A quick look at the scope and range of styles we produce.
[5.2 MB, duration: 1:01, screen size: 360x240]
Conceptual and Experimental Montage
Conceptually innovative and visually unusual projects.
[4.5 MB, duration: 1:01, screen size: 360x240]

Mission '99 Trailer
Mission '99 Trailer
Science Fiction film for meeting opening.
[4.6 MB, duration: 1:15 , screen size: 360x240]
Smart Moves
Anti-substance abuse documentary for Boys and Girls Clubs of America.
[2.7 MB, duration: :45, screen size: 360x240]
Behind the Scenes Montage
A fun look at our crews at work.
[3.5 MB, duration: 1:00, screen size: 360x240]


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