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Pure Drifting - March 10, 2004
"...I believe that the DVD covered everything that I learned in my first year in the drift community in about an hour and had I owned this DVD from the get-go, it would have saved me a lot of trouble." - March 29, 2004
"The editing and content in this project is top notch. The producers did their homework and put out a product that is a must have for the veteran and novice drifter alike"

KazamaTake a 2,700 lb, 450 hp import car, combine with a highly skilled driver, connecting turns sideways, at high speed, under perfect control and you've just described drifting. The sport is one of the hottest trends to ever hit the U.S. import car scene. Unlike all other forms of racing, drifting is not about crossing the finish line first; it's a unique sport that is all about form, technique and ultimate car control.

Meet the top U.S. drivers who are helping to build the U.S. drifting scene. Through footage of them drifting, their interviews and stories, experience the challenges of re-inventing and adapting a motorsport in the U.S. that has been popular in Japan for over a decade.

Using footage from car mounted cameras, ride along with professional D1 Japanese drifters as well as top American drifters as they execute intense, high speed, tire-smoking drift runs.

Check out "Weapons of Choice", the two most popular cars in drifting, the Toyota Corolla AE-86 and the Nissan RPS-13/S-14 as top drifters explain the finer points of these two top drifting machines. Learn about the modifications and aftermarket products that are needed to build a competitive drifting car. The drifters also discuss their favorite techniques and the evolution of their own drifting styles.

takaLearn what the future of drifting in the U.S. looks like as promoter Ken Miyoshi, president of Mainstream Productions and Moto Miwa, founder of Drift Association / Club 4AG discuss their plans for expanding drifting to the entire country and their vision of the future of drifting in America.

This film isn't about T&A, DJ battles or car shows, it's about the drivers and fans of Pure Drifting.

The history of drifting in the U.S.
Drifting's connection to Rally and Road Racing
Weapons of Choice - The hottest drifting cars
Drifting aftermarket products and modifications
Tandem drifting, crashing, car destruction
Drifting culture
Drifting technique
Comparison of drifting styles
The future of drifting in the U.S.
DVD extras - in-car camera ride alongs with nine top drifters
Drift Association promo, Speedtrial USA promo, Upgrade Motoring promo
Nissan Festival and Drift Day high resolution photo album

Interviews and hot drifting footage of:
Alex Pfeiffer - Battle Version Suspension

Andy Yen - Winner of the Option Video 2003 Ikaten USA
Benson Hsu - winner of Drift Showoff #1
Brendan Walker - Drift Association Intructor
Charlie Ongsingco - Drift Association Intructor
David Nguyen - JDM Recycler
Hiroo Sumida - Drift Association Intructor
Moto Miwa - President and Founder, Drift Association/Club 4AG
Nadine Toyoda - Founder, Drifting Pretty
Yoshie Shuyama - Founder, Drifting Pretty
Taka Aono - Drift Association Head Instructor
Tommy Chen - SpeedTrial USA
Ernie Fixmer - D1 driver
Ken Gushi - D1 driver
Kazu Hayashida - D1 driver
Manabu Orido - D1 driver and Judge
Yasuyuki Kazama - D1 driver and winner of Round One 2004 D1 GP
Rhys Millen - D1 driver
Ken Miyoshi - founder - Go Drift, Drift Showoff
Loren Ho - Rotora
Richie Ho - Rotora

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Release Date: February 26, 2004

Race Warriors

Jeep SoloRace Warriors is the first import car racing DVD for kids. Created for boys, ages 4 to 7, Race Warriors takes kids on a fantasy journey into the world of high-speed import car racing. The video introduces import road racing and Drifting and provides plenty of thrills, speed and smoking tires, yet also educates about training, safety and safety equipment by presenting in-depth coverage of sanctioned, on-track racing events. One of the goals of the video is to present racing as a fun, reasonably safe sport, as long as safety and responsibility are followed. The video also provides a subtle anti-street racing message.

Race WarriorThe video introduces the "Race Warriors", a five-year-old boy, Jason, and his four friends and follows them through an afternoon of play as they fantasize and pretend to race import cars. As we see the boys try on toy, then real gloves, helmets and other racing gear, we transition to shots of actual racers preparing for their next race and putting on their racing gear.

CockpitAs the boys pretend to race, using a variety of toy die-cast cars, foot races around the house and then transition to driving actual battery powered scale cars, the video cuts back and forth between the boys and actual racers in various wheel to wheel road racing and Drifting events. The video also shows the importance of the pit crews in repairing and maintaining racecars.



Racer Jeep Integra

Trailer for Race Warriors Coming Soon!

Anticipated Street Date
Q1, 2004


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