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We Speak Business

In today’s media-driven environment, it’s important to work with content creators who can be more than just a source for video, you need a partner who understands how your business works and what your strategic vision is.

We’ve been In Your Shoes.

Our principal spent three years with one of the industry’s top tier business consultants, BTS, designing experiential learning centered on executive leadership and sales team content for clients like UPS, Cigna Health, Joy Global and numerous other Fortune 500 clients. No matter who your audience is, internal, B2B or external, you have to fight hard for share of time & share of mind.

  • Internal Communications
  • Day In The Life
  • Electronic Press Kit
  • Image/PR
  • Instructional Video
  • Live Event
  • Social Media Content

We Innovate.

Today’s attention spans are short. Corporate communication tend to work most effectively when it mimics and utilize the style, structure and tropes popularly used in entertainment and social media. We take long, overly-detailed fact and figure driven content and turn it into compelling stories that grab audiences while making your message memorable.

We’re Not Just A Video Content Provider.

Through our decades of experience and network of partners, we provide media strategy that ties your message with your business goals and works hand in hand with your strategic execution. We have SEO experts to maximize your reach on the web and with your social media channels or internally for corporate directives and communications with your own team.

You Need A Partner, Not Just a Contractor.

With international experience for clients in widely varied fields, we can help you effectively communicate with your audience in a way that delivers measurable results, maximizing your time invested and budget spent.